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South Canterbury's long running Height Of Harmony barbershop chorus is set to sing to a different tune after welcoming a new musical director in January 2024.
After saying goodbye to former musical director Ros Taylor, who held the role for 17 years, the chorus has now welcomed veteran barbershop director Dean Roberts into the role.
Dean said he had very much been enjoying the position so far.

"There is good talent here and a lot of enthusiasm, which are the two things you really need.
"I'm very happy with what they've been doing.  They're doing some lovely songs and I'm looking forward  to working them to a level where they can go out and perform locally on the streets."

He moved to Timaru from Hawke's Bay four years ago, bringing with him a pletora of musical knowledge that the chorus hoped to now take advantage of.

This year they welcomed three men and two women into their ranks bringing the total number of members to 17.
Dean said one of his goals for the year is to increase that number.

"I would like to try and boost us up to 20, especially getting a few younger members if we can.
"The best way to recruit new members is by performing at a high standard."
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